Stem Footwear Survival Origins Quick Review


Recently, Tim reviewed the men's Stem Footwear Primal Origins shoe. Tim's take was pretty positive and for good reason: Stem Footwear is manufacturing an exciting product that has been making waves in the "barefoot" or minimalist shoes movement for its comfort and overall foot friendliness. That they fit a niche of a foot-healthy shoe for casual wear (and even running for some), makes them all the more attractive for consideration as an addition to your min-shod closet.

What's a little confusing (to me, anyway) is that Stem's line-up of shoes go by different names — but really, nearest I can tell, they're just different colorways. What do I mean? Well, for men, in addition to the Primal Origins that Tim reviewed, Stem Footwear has two other "models" out — the Natural Origins and the Survival Origins. That reads like they're different shoes; however, the Natural Origins is just like the Primal but with a green-highlighted color scheme; and the Survival Origins is an all brown shoe. It's really that simple (and I don't think Stem is trying to be confusing here, it's just their naming convention).

Since I previously did an initial review a pre-production Primal Origins, I wanted to do a quick follow-up review on these shoes, but using the Survival Origins as an example — so you can see what another pair of Stems look like in different colors! And since I can't help myself, I'll do a quick round-up of my take on these shoes ... with a host of photos ... after the jump!

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