Spyridon LS vs. KSO Trek Vibram FiveFingers

What better way to compare Vibram's two trail running toe shoe offerings - the original KSO Trek (right) vs. the new Spyridon LS FiveFingers - than to wear one on either foot and go for a muddy trail run?
On the right foot (the foot on your left) is the new Spyridon LS FiveFingers; on the right the original KSO Trek FiveFingers.

Trail Running Shoe Showdown!

With Vibram’s Spring lineup coming out soon, I thought I do a comparison of the new Spyridon LS which were recently reviewed by Leah, and one of Vibram’s older trail models, the KSO Trek (review), which shares the same tread pattern as the TrekSport and the Trek LS.

Due to an unpredictable winter here in the DC region, just in the past week or so we’ve had a mix of snow, ice, rain and sunny 60 degree days which has left the local off-road trails a sloppy mess—perfect for putting these VFFs through a side by side comparison. So with camera in hand and mismatching shoes on my feet, I set off to play in the mud.

Video, photos, and comparison after the jump!

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