Altra Samson Review

Altra Footwear made a splash in 2011 as they brought to market a handful of shoes designed to accommodate a natural running style — shoes that were neutral from heel-to-toe—zero-drop—with an anatomically correct design and a foot friendly toe box (Fun-fact: Altra's founders coined the term "zero-drop"). This included offerings like the Altra Instinct (just reviewed) and the beefed up, trail-ready (ultra-ready) Altra Lone Peak. And while the Instinct and Lone Peak have a decent amount of cushion to their soles, not all of Altra's line is so plush: a few weeks back I reviewed Altra Footwear's Adam, a super minimalist shoe that is almost like a pair of KSO FiveFingers without the individual toe pockets.

Fast forward to today and we see Altra Footwear is expanding their more minimal line-up further with the release of the Altra Samson. If I had to characterize the Samson in rapid fashion, I'd say it's almost like a cross between the Altra Instinct and the Altra Adam. The Samson has traditional shoe features like laces and it also has a sewn-in-place midsole with the 3.4 mm rubber outsole of the Adam. It's styled more traditionally (and a bit retro, which is in step with the overarching look of the Instinct and Lone Peak).

Let's dive into a bit more detailed overview and full-on actual comparison to the Adam, including a little video goodness after the jump!

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