New Balance Minimus Life/Wellness Zero Review

The New Balance Minimus Life/Wellness Zero (MW00), the latest casual, post-workout zero-dropped minimalist shoe in the NB Minimus line.

Here at we've provided exhaustive coverage to the new New Balance Minimus Zero line-up for 2012 — including wide reviews of the Minimus Zero Road (MR00) and Minimus Zero Trail (MT00) and a multi-user review of the Zero Road and Trail; it was only a matter of time before we got around to the last Zero from New Balance, a review of the Minimus Life/Wellness (MWOO).

You'll recall that the original New Balance Minimus Life in 2011 was one of my favorite shoes to hit the market — despite the fact they had a small, 4mm differential in sole from heel-to-forefoot.

The new Minimus Zero Life/Wellness is a total reload of the original Life; like the Zero Trail and Road Zeros, New Balance effectively went back to the drawing board with these. Unfortunately, the new shoe leaves a lot to be desired, at least by comparison to the originals — it's minimalist on the things I loved most about the original, it's heavier, isn't as comfortable, and has a swath of other changes that comparatively don't work as well as the first LIfes — but it is "zero-dropped" and if you have no idea what the originals were like, you might really like these (what do I know?).

Read on to learn more and see plenty of photos, per usual!

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